Sunday, December 2, 2007

Still Reading?

I just happened to look on the site the other day and realized that people are still viewing the blog. Because of that I feel compelled to give an update.

Training. That's about it.

There is a small race coming up on the 15th @ Charlotte with a cash purse so come one come all. After that most will migrate to Australia for the month of Jan and Feb, while a select few will stay and brave the cold.

Cheers. read more

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yeah Ashley!

Congratulations to Ashley Nee, she along with Scott Parsons were the only Americans to qualify an Olympic spot. read more

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New World Champions

Michal Martikan is the 2007 C1 World Champion. He was followed by Tony Estanguet, and Robin Bell.

For the Kayak, newcomer Sebastien Combot is the Champ followed by Fabian Doerfler, and Campbell Walsh. Scotty finishes 7th securing an Olympic spot for the USA. read more

Scotty gets in!

Even with a spin and everyone throwing down amazing runs, Scotty sneaks in sitting in 8th. read more

Friday, September 21, 2007

Team run Results

Benn,Tad, and Jeff......4th!
Scotty,Brett, and Jim...not sure
Zuz,Ash, and Caroline...9th
. read more

1rst Run Team Runs

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Team runs today!

The always interesting team runs are underway along with all the drama of dealing with your teammates different warm up criteria. Hopefully the actual race will be just as exciting. We will definitely let you know. read more

C2 - K1W Qualification

Both C2's along with Ashley and Caroline move on to the next round finishing things up on Sunday. read more

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

K1-C1 Qualification

Scotty wins. Both Scotty and Brett gave awesome performances to move on the the semi's, but not without first giving us all heart attacks. Brett, almost flipping toward the bottom, was surely was out, but keeping his cool he pulled off a remarkable save. Scotty, coming out of a hole just a little weird almost overshot a downstream, but just managed to get in securing the win. Congrats to Benn as well as he put forth a stellar performance landing him in fourth.


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Updated Results

We are in between runs and as of right now Benn sits in 3rd and Scotty in first. We'll let you know who makes it through at the completion of the k1's. read more

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Publishing Rights

Zuzana, surely you know that this blog has young readers. Please keep the stories clean or I might have to come across the hall and have a chat.

Good luck to all the racers competing tomorrow
We will be back with the results. read more

La Cebolla-News in Brief

Due to the graphic nature of this entry, it has been deleted. read more

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Game Over

Unfortunately the second group did not perform as well as the first. The race is over for the Americans. It was mainly the first runs for everyone. Second runs where a lot better for all, just not enough to overcome the hole that was dug on the first. read more

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Medal!

Scotty claims Bronze. Clawing back seems to be Scotty's new found forte. Congratulations must also go out to Brett and Benn for making it through to the finals. USA has been well represented thus far. (results)
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 1

Congratulations to Benn, Scotty, and Brett for moving on to the next round. The competition was fierce to say the least with the small amount of people that were allowed to advance to the semifinals. (RESULTS)
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

End of Training

Today we will see the demonstrations, which will be the beginning of an interesting race format. C-1's and K-1's will race the qualifier on Thur. and finish with semi's and finals on Fri, all before the Women and C-2's get started. read more

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Holy Cow

What an amazing site. This course is one of the coolest, most exciting whitewater parks around. It is nonstop action from top to bottom.

On another note, the Chinese really know how to put on an event. Service with a smile, and five star accommodation. Ask Scotty and Benn about their pillow menus and what flavor became their favorite. Just be prepared state side as we might have been a little spoiled.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


We are here.
Again, We have come across one of those connections where I believe it's possible to publish, but cannot tell for sure as the access will not let us see the website. read more

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Off to China

The team leaves for China tomorrow entering a world of mystery. Hope everyone went to the grocery store and loaded up. The race starts on Thursday Aug. 16th. I think I found where results will be posted
(click here,
but will let you know for sure.
\ read more

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Snittest of Them All

In the past, the snittest of them all award has been given to the person with the most snits during the racing season. Sometimes one snit trumps all if, the snit is spectacular enough to spur conversations weeks or years later. Some accept this award graciously with a smile. Yet others politic last minute hoping voters will reconsider. No longer will we reminisce about past snits. I proudly introduce the "Snittest Poll." Please, if you witness a worthy candidate, show them respect by giving them your vote. read more

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Future

Just so you know, we plan to keep going with updates through Brazil. read more

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kayak in the Final

It almost seemed as if we would be shut out of the final. Anyone who has been to Augsburg knows that you have to stay on top of the judging there. When our C-2 came down they were not sure which gates they hit, they just assumed 3 were hit. That was resolved and so was Parsons bogus touch, launching him just inside the final. Maybe if the team bugs him enough he will actually give a first hand account on one of his races for the blog. In fact, why don't people click that little comment button and let Scotty know that you would love to here from him, or anyone else for that matter. read more

Friday, July 13, 2007

Kayak & C2 Sat / K1W & C1 Sun

Look for results here. read more


So, found results. Go here, these things go up quick, but you'll have to search around for actual live timing. As soon as the women are done I'll report again. read more

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Sad World w/out Wireless

Sorry guys, it's been tough trying to find a connection. Not even sure if this will post. Hopefully we will find a way to keep everyone informed, so bear with us. Also trying to figure out the site to go to for live results. Will let you know soon. read more

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Parsons Collects Silver

Scott Parsons came from behind to win Silver at the 2nd World Cup in Tacen. This is the first medal the US has had in quite some time. So congratulations to Scott, it was exciting! Full results are here.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Parsons wins Qualifier

Scott Parsons threw down claiming Slovenia his own, and he's got a cool flag. All other results are up on the official results site
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Friday, July 6, 2007

World Cup II Tacen

Sorry, no live results. You will just have to wait till it is official. If results get posted they will most likely be posted HERE if not we will definitely let you know. read more

Tacen in Flood (the french team)

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Yes, We are Athletes

You may ask what athletes do all day. Well, we train hard and prepare our bodies and minds to perform at the highest level. But still, there is downtime. If a you are a regular to this blog you also know that(ie post from Zuz and Benn) we spend an insane amount of time traveling to and from the course, watching, waiting, and running to the car to get dressed and finally warm up. Yet still there is downtime. Some people read. Some eat. Some spend their time yelling at Benn to stop eating. Mostly people spend their time jockeying to get the best position under the wireless router. But lately there has been Volleyball! It has brought out eaters and hackers from their dark caves they call home, dug up painful memories of being picked last as a small child, and reinvented the term profanity.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

We asked, and got it.

Yes, the river has come up! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
see more pictures
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Weather part III

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, this was our after dinner treat from the hotel window. read more

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

La cebolla

Noticias brevementes
Tacen, Slovenia In a grandiose gesture of universal goodwill, one carload of US National Whitewater Slalom Team athletes chose to share the delicious apple pie baked for the Team by the proprietress of their hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, with all their teammates, refraining from eating the entire pie themselves and hushing up the existence of the pie, as may easily have happened in a group less amicable and big-hearted. “I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good pie!” said one passenger of this generous car, smiling from ear to ear, “And the best part is, there was plenty for everyone!”
The Team appears to be in high spirits, despite stress associated with the long drive to Tacen and the inclement weather they braved during their first training session at the new site. “What really makes this sport neat is that it’s something that we can do with our friends,” said one long-time member of the Team. Team members cited the time that they spend together abroad as a major component to their deep caring for one another, and their understanding of one another’s hopes, fears, and ambitions. “His ceaseless whining and the rancid smell of his socks does not in the slightest fill me with righteous anger and a hankering for physical retribution,” said another Team member of his roommate. “There is rain on my back,” he added, “and my heart is filled with joy.” Another athlete says that her affection for her team members is somehow embodied in a pleasant, warm sensation deep in her bosom, quite the opposite of a sharp stabbing pain at the temples. “All of their intelligent, insightful comments make me marvel at their insight and intelligence,” she said, “I have no desire to call them on their bullshit or to bludgeon them with whatever heavy, blunt object is close at hand.” Other Team members murmured assent, as is customary in this tight-knit circle of kindred spirits. Cries of “Hosanna!” and “Peace be with you!” are common at Team meetings, which, eagerly anticipated by one and all, are brief and informative, and which athletes do not prolong unnecessarily either by sitting in an unresponsive, sullen stupor or by asking passive-aggressive questions indicative either or staggering arrogance or glaring stupidity.
Zuzana Vanha, staff reporter.
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Stormy Again

More rain! Gotta love Europe. Maybe this will bring the river up, as it is very very low. Aren't we supposed to be on the sunny side of the Alps? read more

The Prague Troja world cup is done!

It was the first world cup for five of our team members: Tad, Ricky & Casey, Ashley and I. It was a really great experience and many good things learned. I placed 34th in qualification on Friday after having one not so good run and then a very solid . After the semi-final run on Saturday, I ended up finishing 29th out of a field of around 62. As we move forward to Tacen, I hope to improve further on my result. The courses set for the race were a little more technical than I am used to in the US, but I loved the new challenge. I was also very happy to see that I qualified for the World championships this early, so a lot of pressure is off the next few races!
I'll keep you posted on Tacen!
~Caroline read more

On to Tacen

Sorry for leaving people in the dark, but the minute the race was over we had Silvan kicking and screaming for us to get to Slovenia. I guess he had enough of Czech, or maybe the homeland was calling his name. Anyway, most of arrived at our new hotel around 11 or 12 at night promptly hitting the hay. As far as results, you can go and check them out in detail HERE on the troja site. I guess as a team we were frustrated that we failed to get into the finals. read more

Saturday, June 30, 2007

C1 & K1W Done

Benn Fraker 15th
Caroline Queen 29th (also qualifying for worlds today!)
Ashley Nee 30th
Full Results

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Prague Qualification

Congratulations to all of those that made it to the next round. If your still looking for results, click on the links below.

Class heats results "PDF's"
Follow live results

. read more

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wild Weather

This strange weather we've been having threw us another curve ball. Not only did a freak storm come rolling in, delaying demos for 30 min, but it also treated everyone coming out from dinner to one of the most amazing rainbows we'd ever witnessed. The shots I took were taken from the front steps of our hotel. (view "Rainbow") read more

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

La Cebolla

Hello all,

Benn Fraker here with some real news for you. Not to speak less of all the other entries, but something truly noteworthy happened to a few of the team members yesterday.

It began for all those involved as a normal drive to the course. We were running a little late, and it looked as if we would only have four and a half hours to get ready for the workout. Obviously, with such an extremely minute window to prepare, we were all a little tense. We all put our trust in Angela, now known as Mario, to get us to the workout in time to adequately prime ourselves for the workout.

As we safely raced through the streets of Prague to get to the course things began to go awry. What started out as a slightly rushed yet safety conscious trip to the course turned into something none of us could of have ever randomly come up with in front of a computer screen with a cup of coffee.

As the blinker clicked off we merged into traffic on the highway. There was a heated debate in the backseat about the war in Iraq between team members Scott Parsons, Zuzana Vanha, and Scott McClesky. Zuzana’s position, reminiscent of a war-mongering extremist, maintained that the reason we were not yet successful in Iraq was that our troops were out of practice, their combat skills a little rusty. In an unnecessarily loud voice she screeched at Parsons, “You are such a commonplace fool. Why bring our troops home now? They are just getting back into the game. They need this practice! Would you bench Mike Vick right before he broke the all-time NFL rushing record just because he gets sacked 15 to 20 times a game? The two situations are not only analogous, but exactly the same!” Parson’s view, just as extreme, but on the other end of the political spectrum, was that the US should withdraw from Iraq and spend all the war money on food and shelter for the homeless. Between anger induced subconscious fist-shakes Scott managed to stammer out that he felt, “The only right thing to do is to bring home the troops and re-allocate the money we spend wrecking other people’s countries an--an--and destroying lives to create better well-fare and education systems. And while we are at it, socialize healthcare!” Yes, you read right, when Scott gets worked up he has a bit of a stutter, and by a bit I mean that it is so bad that it inspires genuine pity in all who hear it. Then McClesky chimed in, “If you’re not with us, then by God you’re against us! We need to cowboy up and finish what we started. If I ever had me a boy, how would I be able to look him in ‘is eye and ask ‘is respect if I was in favor of forfeiting a war to a bunch of cowards who won’t come out in the open and fight us like they got a pair!!” I will spare you the whole argument, as its participants were all extremist bigots. The argument raged on in this fashion in what seemed to be a merry-go-round of insults and re-iterations. No one said anything new, no one changed their minds, nothing happened, people just got madder, louder, and downright belligerent. Some of their anger may be excused though, because everyone was in the high-stress situation that comes with having less than five hours to prepare for a workout.

As we drew closer to the course, tensions relaxed a little. But not for long, for just as in a cliché story when the characters let their guard down and something pivotal happens, our team quieted and then was smacked in the face by the hand of a new conflict.

Emergency brake up, steering wheel tilted, tires squealing, sliding sideways up an entrance ramp. The car began to fill with smoke from the spinning tires. We had the windows down, because that is the only way o.g.’s know how the kick it. Weaving through traffic like Mike Vick through a Panther’s defense, we flew across the river on a four-lane bridge. Just as we reached the halfway point we saw something that made every jaw in the car simultaneously drop, well, except for mine, because I was eating a royal with cheese and that takes priority over horrific car accidents. I looked up from my European Quarter-Pounder to the most shocking thing I have every seen firsthand. A cross-continental tour bus full of geriatrics was crashing through the railing of the bridge and beginning its rapid, inexorable and terrifying decent into the Vltava River. The never slow to react members of Team USA quickly decided to sacrifice their warm-up time in order to provide a helping hand.

Thanks to the quick minds of Team USA and the fortuitously timed lifejacket delivery at the hotel that morning, we were able to dive from the bridge with 43 lifejackets. This a shockingly perfect number, because their were 41 seniors plus the driver makes 42 and then one left over for Austin who is notoriously weak swimmer. As we fearlessly leapt from the bridge life seemed to play in slow motion. There were cannonballs, graceful dives, front and back flips, jack-knifes, flying squirrels, fairy-twisters, nut-grabbers, lions, tiger, and bears, but all these were upstaged by the jump, or rather screw-up, of Tad. In all the excitement Tad ran from the car, smoked us to the scene, clumsily slipped, and dazzled us all with a belly flop from a height of roughly 31.345 meters. After a quick giggle, we jumped between the bus and mass of oldies; the conglomerate of our splashes kicked up a wave large enough to surf the mangled bus to shore. In one fell leap we cleared the scene of any wreckage to speak of. Next, in the purest form, reminiscent of Michael Phelps, Team USA swam the ancients to shore. Once everyone was on shore we preformed CPR in sync to NSYNC. Literally, we saved lives to NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye." Our High Performance Director, Chris Hipgrave, had his phone along, and "Bye, Bye, Bye" is his ring-tone. During all the life saving someone called him. Obviously, he could not answer with someone's life on the line. Ergo we saved lives one of our time's greatest pop songs. Needless to say we didn't let anyone "Dye, Dye, Dye."

The day was saved, more importantly so were the lives of a herd of tourists. To make a long story short, we will all be awarded The Sergio Vieira de Mello Citizen of the World Award from the UN, and The Nobel Peace Prize in addition to a long list of awards from local and international organizations.

After all the hullabaloo had subsided Team USA piled back into their black Opel Vectra and made their way to the course for a work out. We arrived about 40 minutes before our session was scheduled to start. Everyone promptly got dressed, warmed up, and made it to the top of the racecourse with 20 minutes to spare. Everyone sat around absolutely bored to tears for 20 minutes, like seriously, Jeff, Brett, and Jim started crying. After tears were shed and what seemed like years passed we were finally aloud on the course. Everyone had a positively glorious session on the whitewater. As we piled into the car to go back to the hotel we experienced the days final phenomenon, the largest simultaneous verbalization the modern world has ever seen. Everyone from, the now heroic and life-saving, Team USA looked at one another and in monotonous unison uttered the words, “So, if we arrived to the session 40 minutes early today, got dressed, warmed up, and ready to rock in 20 minutes, and were then painfully bored for the next 20 minutes. Why the hell do we always get here five hours before our workouts? From now on I think we should behave like rational individuals and arrive 30 minutes before every session.”
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Into town

Today was pretty chilly, but a few of us decided to go into downtown Prague. We first went to Bohemian Bagel and had great food and more importantly FREE refills. After that we saw a cool Salvador Dali exhibit in an art gallery. We also saw some really cool glass work. Brett and Scotty then took Ashley and I to the Charles Bridge where we saw some really old statues of Saints. Overall we had a great time! There are also some pictures we will post soon!(pictures, see "Group Trip")
-Caroline read more

Windy Weather

After submitting our skin to the sunburn gods it seems that old man winter decided to drop by for a three day visit. Not sure if it's actually cold or not, it's so windy it could be 80˚, but the wind chill feels a mere 50. (see pictures "windy weather") read more

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Everyone's Here!

Everyone has finally arrived and our hotel has wireless! Needless to say everyone has jumped on their computers. See what they're up to, and click here. read more

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Benn Fraker Chimes In

I have been in Europe for about a month. Thanks to the awesome course in Merano (this statement made dripping with sarcasm) I am a little bored. Augsburg is good, but I want to go race.

Austin arrived today, devoid of a partner. Cluck decided to take a short vacation in Philadelphia on his way to Munich. Hopefully he at least gets here before the coaches.

Until just now I was a virgin to blogging. I hope the expansive audience I am sure you belong to enjoyed my first time. read more

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vroooom Vroooom

Let the season begin! read more